• Entertainment – concerts, plays, museums, sports
  • Food & Wine – Hosted dinner parties, gourmet drink and food baskets, kitchen gear
  • Kids & Family – Summer camps, tutoring, lessons, party services, pet services
  • Health & Beauty – Spas and salons, health clubs, personal training, personal care baskets
  • Electronics – Home theater, laptops and peripherals, video entertainment
  • Home & Garden, Art & Handcrafts – Artwork classes, home décor, home and garden services
  • Fashion – Apparel, accessories, jewelry, purses, sunglasses, sports wear

Online & Silent

The Silent Auction will begin online 2 weeks before the Taste of the Bay event and continue through April 23, 2023 at noon.


Join us for the competitive fun and entertainment of the Live Auction which will begin at 7pm!

Live Auction Action at Taste of the Bay, a Mariner's Main Event for St. Lawrence Martyr School, Redondo Beach

Taste of the Bay Team

Megan Wynne

Cara Bustillos
Natalie Finnegan
Suzy Hebson

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